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    Performing Arts Center

Watch this space for updates on classes and workshops!

The Belrose Performing Arts Center has offered hundreds of scholarships thought the years. ​

Celebrating over 60 years, The Belrose is committed to providing scholarships to anyone who has a passion to learn, desire to perform, and is financially challenged – Just ask! (*Available for new Belrose Students only)​

"If your goal is just for fun, that’s perfect!  If it’s to fulfill a dream, that’s wonderful!  ​If it’s for professional aspirations, that’s terrific!   We can work together and do it all!!!" 

- Margie Belrose, Teacher and Managing Director of The Belrose Theatre​​ ​

Please call for class schedules, new tap and acting classes.

For tuition fees and registration for children and adults, please call: (415) 454-6422