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    Performing Arts Center

​Northern California Renaissance Faire- September through October

Casa de Furta – Santa Clara County, California

Saturdays and Sundays

Our Booth is located DIRECTLY in front of you as you enter the front gate.  ​Look for the “Costumes for Rent” sign. ​

Open at 10am

Click Hereto see an ABC clip of our Shop.

Price range for Adult size rentals (complete costume*) $18 to $65

Children size rentals (complete costume*) $8 to $25.

After you selected costume(s) You will change in our dressing rooms, put your clothes in a bag we provide, ​and then all items go into your own personal box ​

*Complete Costumes Include: A Hat, Pouch, and Belt.  We do not rent weapons, If you have comfortable shoes, boots or sandals that resemble Renaissance attire, bring them. We do offer boots at an additional charge.